Monday, February 11, 2013

Bonnaroo Instant Film Project

This particular blog post is to finally show the world my final photography project I completed before graduating with my bachelor's degree in photography. 

I created this project to show the side of Bonnaroo I love just as much as the musical performances; I wanted to show the environment and the amazing personalities you encounter everyday at Bonnaroo. I want you to smell the hay and horseshit, feel the heat of the relentless sun, make it front row to your favorite band, stand in line for the porta-john, see the crowds from up high, get hosed off by the stale keg water, blow bubbles and do the limbo, migrate to the fountain and love every second of it.

The finished project was presented in a "record crate" custom made for the instant prints. I wanted to simulate that flea market feel of searching for the perfect album. I also chose my instant camera for its spontaneity and to give the viewer tangible prints, to make them feel as if they were part of the experience.


Please enjoy viewing 
my entire project on Flickr: 

below are a few of my favorites from the project

don't forget to check out the entire project here :

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